1. Sales representative

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for following up exporter/supplier/ buyers, provide quotes and service to customers to  promote sales performance.

Job requirements:

◆ Have a certain basic knowledge of logistics or freight forwarding industry, have a certain English foundation;

◆ Familiar with the relevant processes of the sea and air transportation business,  have more than half a year of relevant sales experience.

2. Customer service operation

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for following up customers with by one-stop soperation services, such as booking space, arrange local service 

include trucking,warehousing,customs clearing and so on . 

Job requirements:

1. Someone who has experience or logistics ambition is priority;

2. Good English reading and writing skills;

3. Careful, clear thinking and fluent communication;

4. Have a good teamwork spirit,positive attitude.

If be intrested please send your resume to the email: