FBA Railway:

"Central railway freight trains" is not only a link between China and European trade transportation logistics channels, but also help Chinese goods to Europe international transshipment, 

and European high quality goods to the power of the engine!

Our company provides the railway transportation and international transportation service from Shilong, Dongguan, China, through the FBA of Xinjiang, Russia, Poland, Germany and Europe. 

Through central railway covering China - Russia, Poland, the Czech republic, Germany, France, Italy, eastern Europe, Western Europe various inland points, including more than 20 countries, 

to provide you with convenient door to door one-stop logistics service to Europe. At the same time, we can provide you with European warehousing, customs clearance, distribution, 

and delivery by international express UPS to the door.

Trains advantages

Efficient and direct: the entire operation of the whole process, not disintegrating, not regrouping;

Quick and good price: shipping time is one half of the sea freight, which is a quarter of the cost of air transportation.

Fixed time: fixed time each week, not stopped in winter;

Safe and reliable: full GPS tracking, special container electronic security lock.