Overseas warehouse

Micocean  has been cooperated with overseas warehosue in US and U.K,  there is  23,000 square meters in the western US and a 15,000 square meters in the U.K, 

we main provide overseas local warehousing and distribution services for e-commerce customers in North America and Europe.

Operation procedure:

1. Accept the entrustment of the customer to ship the goods to destination port;

2. Input cargo information into our warehouse system;

3. After the goods arrived at the destination port, it usually takes 2-3 working days to finish customs clearance and then pick up the container. Next step is according to the customer's  different requirements, 

   we will  make  relevant operations such as stowage, pallet, distribution and labeling, repacking and so on, make an appointment with UPS/FEDX or by truck to pick up the goods  and then deliver them to Amazon warehouse.

4. If the buyer needs to return goods, he/she can use our warehouse as the return address, we can process and repackage for customer and sell again, or may send them back to China or destroy them.